The Fall RPG Campaigns!

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

This next Block will have a schedule for campaigns to meet every two weeks during this fall semester: from Monday, August 16 to Sunday, December 12. Depending on responses to surveys, the campaigns will either (1) strive to meet weekly on a weekday 3-6pm, or (2) strive to meet every other week on a weekend for 5 hours with a half-hour break.

The different campaigns are described below, but first on how this will work:

  • I will continue to run RPGs remotely this fall. We use Discord to talk during the session, and a “virtual tabletop” (VTT). I am currently using Foundry.
  • There are 17 weeks in this block. If the sessions are weekly at 3 hours, then the rate would be $15/session (total $255). If the sessions are every other week at 5 hours, then the rate would be $20/session ($160 or $180). 
  • If you’re interested, contact me by…

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