Boss Rush Banter: Are Video Games a Type of “Spiritual Opium”?

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Be honest with yourself: are you or have you ever been addicted to video games?

Now, I don’t mean that you like to play games a lot, that you have 1000+ hours on Fortnite, or that your gamerscore is above 100,000. What I’m asking is have you ever had an overwhelming need to play video games to the point where you cannot function without them, and that you’ll put off important tasks just to get your digital fix?

Recently, the Chinese state media declared that video games were a form of “spiritual opium,” using the comparison to the harmful narcotic to argue the reasoning behind their strict regulations on the industry within the country. After the report, shares for the Chinese gaming companies Tencent and NetEase plunged by nearly 10% on the global market.

This isn’t the first accusation that video games can have an addictive quality to…

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