Boss Rush Banter: Do You Use Assists in Gaming?

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If you look anywhere over on social media, there’s always a big debate going on about how gamers play their games, and if the way they play their games makes them real gamers or not. One of my biggest pet peeves in an argument is about assists being available in games that are meant to be hard.  

The whole debate started one day when gamers had gotten annoyed about cheats, assists, and anything else being available to help you beat a game, as if it meant all of their hard work being said game was for nothing. Here they were playing a game as intended, or how they thought it was intended, and then someone else could come along, play the game in half the time, and no one would be the wiser. This irked many gamers as it meant there was no way to tell who beat the game and how. Which begs the question, do you…

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