Rolling Damage


Do you roll or use static damage in your D&D game?

5th Edition stat blocks list damage as a flat number, with rolled damage in parentheses:

If you deal damage, you must do one of these (or some variation). But do you know why? In order to make an informed choice about whether to use flat or rolled damage, you should understand the benefits of each.

Flat Damage

Several very smart and experienced Dungeon Masters have transitioned to flat damage. They are happy to sing of its virtues. Notably, Sly Flourish makes the case for “static” monster damage, primarily focusing on the time it can save at the table. Since both rolling and math take time, not doing them is faster!

Of course, flat damage may be easier for folks for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you prefer predictability for your players. It can also help folks with dyscalculia…

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