Age of Ashes #72: Fishy Disappearances

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In a missing chapter of our tale, the party defeated the gugs and found a ghast they held prisoner. They exited into a large cavern and met a dwarven explorer, who took them to the nearby underground city of Kovlar. (-GM)

31st of Gozran, 4720 AR

“Can we just bully them into working with us?”

-Twig’s thoughts as conversations continue

Forgemaster Kelda Halrig, speaker of the Council of Regents

Eager to help the dwarven city, the group agrees to speak with the Council of Regents. It is made up of leaders of each guild, ten in all–including the gamblers’ guild, carpenters’ guild, and anvilers’ guild to name a few. The Council considers sponsoring the party to deal with a series of recent troubles. With some bad impressions made by Twigs, and more helpful interactions from Normal Person, only a stubborn two guilds decide not to vote in favor…

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