How Xbox Became a Powerhouse Because of Xbox Game Pass

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When the Xbox first came out in 2002, consoles werefromJapanese developers, but one of the biggest companies in America, Microsoft,wasn’thaving that and decided they wanted a piece of the console pie. As a new player to the console world, Microsoft entered the game head-strong with one of the most powerful consoles on the market. Sadly, the consolewasn’table tocompete against the juggernaut known as the PlayStation 2, and the company needed to rethink their strategy.

Itdidn’ttake long for Microsoft to try again with the release of the Xbox 360,where they had a lot of winswithXbox Live Gold,Xbox LiveArcade,and a great launch line-up; for the meantime, Microsoft was ahead of the console game, if wedon’tcount the Wii. However, Microsoft’s windidn’tlast long as the people running the division at the timedidn’treally care about the gaming side of things; from a business perspective, Xbox wasn’t making themoneythey wantedand this wasseen as a small disruption…

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