New World delayed again? COME ON!

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At least, that was my knee-jerk reaction to hearing last week’s news that this MMO just announced its fourth delay — and this coming shortly after the beta concluded and just weeks away from launch.

If it’s needed, it’s needed. The beta had pretty strong word-of-mouth, but there were concerns over balance and the game bricking graphics cards and some other issues. I get it. I get that you only get one first impression and that Amazon has yet to launch an actual successful game. They’ve got to be second-guessing everything over there. I’ll trust that this was a good call, just like many other MMO delays of past game launches, and hold back from raging out.

Still, on a personal level, this really stinks. Right here, right now is the perfect time of the year for an MMO to launch for me. Fall’s only going to get more busy…

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