The Tyrant’s Ruins

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Tyrant's Ruins
The Tyrant’s Ruins (300 dpi promotional, no commercial license)

There are many ruins in the ghost dunes. Bases of towers long fallen, temples to the pretty ones and to darker gods, and odd bits of debris and structures that are harder to place. This old structure has more than partially collapsed – the left side has no roof remaining, and the ruins atop the right side indicates that at one time this was probably a three or four story structure. What remains is a great hall and adjoining chamber on the right and stairs down to a partly collapsed lower level which has been converted by later users into a tomb.

The Tyrant's Ruins
The Tyrant’s Ruins (1200 dpi)

The left side of the structure has a rough statue of a dragon-like creature (it appears to have once been a statue of a horse that then had additional material added in clay over…

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