2+ Ideas on D&D 5e Skill Checks

The Nerdd

The core mechanic in Dungeons & Dragons goes something like this:

Dungeon Master (DM): Explains Situation

Player Character (PC): Attempts an action in response by rolling a 20-sided die (d20), where the higher, the better, adding any related modifiers.

DM: Interprets the number to explain how successful the PC was.

Everything else about D&D comes from this simple 3-step plan. I’ve heard a few ideas on how to affect this core mechanic in a way that I might use, or just think is interesting, and that you might use.

Proficient First

Back to that 3-step plan, it comes in several different varieties. Sometimes, this is in combat, where you have to see if you can hit your enemy, and everyone is taking turns doing their own thing. Sometimes it is jumping over a pit in a dungeon, something everyone has to do in order to progress the story. Sometimes, however…

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