Boss Rush Banter: Should Microsoft and Sony Try to Break Into Nintendo’s Family Friendly Brand?

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We know games are for everyone. There are casual players, skillful players, creative players, and the hardest of the hard. With Nintendo being a well known brand, and for some parents they remain the representation for video games, they seem to corner a certain market of the industry. It’s the family friendly side of gaming. Children and their friends, siblings, and parents and more can enjoy their simple yet enjoyable multiplayer titles. With that being said, Sony and Microsoft are absent in this area. I do wonder: should Sony and Microsoft try to enter the family friendly market that Nintendo seems to dominate?

The 10 Best Nintendo Switch Family Friendly Games in May 2021

Unfortunately, both Microsoft and Sony have failed miserably in this line of gaming. Look at the games those systems are known for: Uncharted, Halo, Resistance, Forza Motorsport, and other titles that appeal to older gamers. They are not known for Wonderbook, Dance Central, LittleBig…

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