Abomination Vaults #6: The Great Debate

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

The explores some more of the Gauntlight and gears up for the mayoral debate! –GM

25th of Sarenith, 4721 AR

(When the undead mitflit is killed, a wispy skull they have seen before floats out of it. -GM)

In the cave, the gang encounters a large, and to be honest, hideous toad. Giant maggots crawl out of it. Quincy uses acid splash and hits the maggot, thank God. You can’t tell with that man. Leneth rolls her eyes and steps to the front, slashing the maggot with her rapier. It hits, as expected. We fight for a little bit more, and eventually destroy the stupid maggots. Leneth is pretty hurt, however.

We leave the room and recuperate in the open area. Beldon sits in the corner, rubbing a sore tummy. Nythardra fails to heal Leneth, and rubs some dirt in her wounds, stupidly. In the cave, Quincy and Nythardra

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