Boss Rush Banter: Should You Break Your Gaming Habits and Try Something New?

The Boss Rush Network

In my late twenties, I decided to figure out exactly what kind of beer I liked. I knew I preferred beer to spirits or wine but didn’t have a deep understanding of the different kinds of beer. I went to my grocery store and systematically tried different styles and figured out my personal preferences. Since then, I may branch out here or there, but I pretty much stay in my lane. However, there are times when trying something new makes me realize I don’t only enjoy one flavor. Similarly, with video games, many people decide they are RPG enthusiasts, or fighting game fans, and focus on that genre of gameplay only. But should they seek some variety?

Genre is a compelling topic in video games because a game doesn’t have just one genre. There is the gameplay genre, and then there is the story genre. These are completely separate. A…

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