Monolith of the Ghost Dunes

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Monolith (300 dpi promotional)
The Monolith (300 dpi promotional)

Five rusty black monoliths sit on a barren stretch between the sands of the Ghost Dunes. Depending on the vagaries of the winds the bases of these rough black spires are usually hidden in the sand, but sometimes the bare rock outcropping they stand upon is swept free and the entrance to the central structure is visible.

The Monolith
The Monolith (1200 dpi)

The original purpose of this remnant of the long-dead pretty folk is lost to time – and since their departure from this world the locals have used it as a temple to them, as a tomb, and as a home base for desert raiders and treasure hunters. While the spires of the monoliths are tall and stand above the dunes above, the interior of the structure goes down underground instead of into the spire itself. The central chamber extends through three levels – the…

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