Zath Gor Bastion

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Zath Gor Bastion
Zath Gor Bastion (300 dpi promotional)

Zath Gor Bastion was once a border fort of Great Zorisz – a watch point along the great swamps northwest of what is now Shu-Qune. With the collapse of Great Zorisz, the princes of Shu-Qune secured as many of the border forts as they could as their small nation was both threatened by the Wizard-Priests of Khalesh-Sonket and the foul creatures encroaching from the Shüss swamps. Each fort was assigned to one of the Counts of Shu-Qune – both as a show of faith in their support, but also to keep them directly involved in the defense of the Principality.

Zath Gor Bastion
Zath Gor Bastion (1200 dpi)

All of these small forts are based around a primary tower & keep with a small curtain wall and one or more additional towers. Zath Gor Bastion is fairly typical of one of these forts, although in better repair…

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