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This is a post for the Blaugust 2021 blogging event, see the linked post for more info!

I’m seeing through my blog-feed that one topic over the last few days has been motivation for blogging. For me, blogging is something I want to do, even if I don’t have the time to do it as regularly as I once did. Blogging itself is time-consuming, though not that time-consuming, for me at least. I may spend 30 minutes on a post, but then my posts aren’t that long generally. I have done much longer ones in the past, or more involved ones where I’d researched actual data or my post history. These days I post when I can and at the length I can, but the itch to write is still there.

In terms of what specifically motivations me though: what keeps me going after ten years, I’d narrow it down…

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