The Dungeons of Zath Gor

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Dungeons of Zath Gor
The Dungeons of Zath Gor (300 dpi promo)

The stairs in the northwest tower of Zath Gor Bastion lead up into the tower, but also down beneath to the dungeons of Zath Gor. With the loss of the other properties & territory of the Counts of Gor, these dungeons have become the primary means to lock up malcontents, rivals, and important prisoners. Attached to the dungeons but primarily under the main keep building are further understructures used as (somewhat damp) overflow living areas for the resident sorcerer. This area is accessed via the dungeons or through a secret trap door in the floor of the keep. The sublevel below this and the dungeons includes old scrolls and paperwork from the height of the county, as well as a secret treasure room.

The Dungeons of Zath Gor
The Dungeons of Zath Gor (1200 dpi)

Finally there is an escape tunnel down here that connects to a…

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