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Grumpy Wizard

I stopped using the old Lawful-Chaotic-Good-Evil alignment system a long time ago. There are many reasons why one might want to use it but I don’t.

When I started running Swords and Wizardry as my main game, I adopted the Law-Neutral-Chaos alignment system.

It is a declaration of what side you are on in the eternal fight between Law and Chaos. It isn’t a declaration of Good or Evil. It is not a declaration of “This character will always behave according to this specific set of rules and if they don’t the referee can punish them.” It allows me to have a lot more nuance in my campaign. I prefer that.

Law attempts to create and maintain order. Chaos tries to destroy that order and leave only formlessness and the ephemeral.

Where there is balance, life flourishes. The forest must have the Chaos of fire for the old growth to…

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