China further slashes kids’ gaming time to just three hours a week

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by Daniel Cooper, Engadget

China has announced a further crackdown on the amount of time children can play online video games, with the new limit set to just three hours per week.Bloomberg, reporting from local news sources, says that platforms like Tencent can now offer gaming to kids between the hours of 8-9pm on Friday, weekends and public holidays.

It’s a significant and notable reduction from the previous rule, which had been generally capped at 1.5 hours per day in 2019. Earlier this month, Tencent was forced to cutthe amount of time minors could playthe smash hit mobile titleHonor of Kingsto just an hour on weeknights and two hours on the weekend. The added restriction is likely to impact the share price of companies in this space, which has seen recent instability.

Historically, China has always had an aversion to video games, albeitwith…

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