Jarvanna 4.0

Micki's Delirium

Not too long ago I geared Jarvanna a a caster-healer, I managed to get her hp to just over 2000 before temp-buffs and I switched main ED to draconic. I thought she was doing quite well, she could heal well and kill some trash in the Dryad raid and even kite the unicorns for a short amount of time. But then the U50 nerf happened and the first time I played Jarv after, and I could not stay alive in reaper for 5 min (Jarvanna doesn’t have the reaper points to make up for the hp loss – unlike Cerge).

So, now I want to make her into what Amalf calls a care bear. A tankish healer bear that is a healer that can tank when needed. Here is the draft for Jarvanna 4.0. Note, the build could just as well be pure, but I wanted to try the 17/3…

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