Boss Rush Banter: What Video Game Puzzle Made You Feel Smart?

We play video games for many reasons including for their storylines, gameplay, and puzzle solving. Discussions often occur regarding gameplay additions or graphics, but one of my favorite reasons to play games is the sense of satisfaction I have when I discover the solution to a tricky puzzle. It’s that “AH HA!” moment that makes you feel smarter than anyone else and no other player could ever figured out the answer.

All types of games include various types of puzzles; they are not limited to the obvious “puzzle type” of game such as Tetris or Picross. Puzzles that have a trial and error sense of solution are fairly common in action/adventure games including Uncharted and Resident Evilseries. These puzzles include color matching circles or lining tiles in a particular way. Environmental…

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Cerge TR 11

Micki's Delirium

Sunday morning I TR’d Cerge to get rid of his monk levels – since I don’t own monk and wasn’t planning to play a monk again any time soon. Here are Cerge’s before and after pictures.

Before: Monk 10/ Fighter 6/ Paladin 4/ epic 10 pdk
After: Barbarian 1 razorclaw shifter

Before to the left, after to the right.

That’s all for this post.
Thank you for stopping by.

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Gaming performance issues


I’ve not had much in the way of game performance problems for a while, but trying to play Bless Unleashed was painful earlier when I tried to sneak in a few quests. The early zone my cleric is in was busy with players, and there was a lot of chatter relating to some dragon fight and lag. So it might not be entirely the fault of my 10+ year old gaming laptop being a bit long in the tooth.

The last two sessions were fine lag-wise, but as I was playing earlier I was seeing noticeable “ability lag”: I’d press a button and the results would be delayed by a half-second or so. In an action-combat game that’s quite the problem as positioning generally matters more. Towards the end I noticed my character’s health dropping with no discernable reason, no enemies were nearby but his health bar started ticking downwards…

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Zath Gor Bastion

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Zath Gor Bastion
Zath Gor Bastion (300 dpi promotional)

Zath Gor Bastion was once a border fort of Great Zorisz – a watch point along the great swamps northwest of what is now Shu-Qune. With the collapse of Great Zorisz, the princes of Shu-Qune secured as many of the border forts as they could as their small nation was both threatened by the Wizard-Priests of Khalesh-Sonket and the foul creatures encroaching from the Shüss swamps. Each fort was assigned to one of the Counts of Shu-Qune – both as a show of faith in their support, but also to keep them directly involved in the defense of the Principality.

Zath Gor Bastion
Zath Gor Bastion (1200 dpi)

All of these small forts are based around a primary tower & keep with a small curtain wall and one or more additional towers. Zath Gor Bastion is fairly typical of one of these forts, although in better repair…

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Six MMOs that want my attention in 2021

Bio Break

Boy do I feel like I’m in a weird place with MMO gaming right now. Call it a summer malaise or what have you, but it’s that mixture of guilt, restlessness, and a hunger for fresh blogging material that keeps turning my mind to MMOs I’m not playing — but kind of feel that I should. Or might. Perhaps. Maybe at some point later this year.

The delay of New World really threw my summer plans into disarray. Now I’ve got over a month before gearing up for that, so I have some extra time that I could be using elsewhere. Not that LOTRO or FFXIV doesn’t offer enough content to fill those hours, but… restlessness. Freshness. I don’t like getting too stale.

In any case, here are six MMOs that I’ve been contemplating as titles that I want to get to sooner or later:

No Man’s Sky

The recent…

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Boss Rush Banter: Should the Length of a Game Affect its Price?

With current-generation games often costing $70, constant criticism of Nintendo releasing ports of older games at $60, a wide variety of prices for DLC and expansions, and other monetary models like battle passes and microtransactions becoming prominent, the price of a video game is a changing and controversial topic. Often, when discussing a game, its content, and a player’s satisfaction, the number of hours played gets touted as part of the cost consideration. However, should the length of a game affect its price?

Prior to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series era, video game prices had remained pretty stable at $60 for new releases for some time. Despite that, other models, and an increase in supplementary content for an additional fee, have also been creeping into the conversation. Indie games have risen in prominence and visibility, and they sell for varying amounts, usually less than $30.

Video games don’t have…

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Paid vs “Free” Games


There are so many games to play that we should all just get used to the fact that we won’t have time to play every single game we want to play — and that’s ok.

I remember a time where every Tuesday a handful of games would release (I know this because I would go to Best Buy almost every Tuesday to see which games, movies and CDs had come out). Today, multiple games come to every platform every single day of the week. With everything being released digitally, it’s so much easier to get games onto all platforms.


Anytime I pay for a game (especially full price) the mentality is I better like this game, even if I don’t I’m going to play the s**t out of it. I’ve played the hell out of games that I payed full price for out of spite. I spent many…

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Monolith of the Ghost Dunes

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Monolith (300 dpi promotional)
The Monolith (300 dpi promotional)

Five rusty black monoliths sit on a barren stretch between the sands of the Ghost Dunes. Depending on the vagaries of the winds the bases of these rough black spires are usually hidden in the sand, but sometimes the bare rock outcropping they stand upon is swept free and the entrance to the central structure is visible.

The Monolith
The Monolith (1200 dpi)

The original purpose of this remnant of the long-dead pretty folk is lost to time – and since their departure from this world the locals have used it as a temple to them, as a tomb, and as a home base for desert raiders and treasure hunters. While the spires of the monoliths are tall and stand above the dunes above, the interior of the structure goes down underground instead of into the spire itself. The central chamber extends through three levels – the…

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Nintendo World is Incredible!


When I first heard the rumors about a brand new, Nintendo-themed area getting built in Universal Studios Japan, I took the news with a mix of excitement and pessimism. On the one hand, it was just plain cool that Nintendo was now mainstream enough to be featured in the most major theme park aside from Disney World: Universal Studios. On the other, it was supposedly going to be built in Universal Studios Japan, a world away from my home in the US. I was glad it was being built, but I doubted that I’d ever actually have the chance to visit it for myself. That was a few years ago now, and things changed dramatically in the time since those first rumors began to surface. Now, not only am I actually living and working in Japan, but things are finally open enough here that I could realize the dream and…

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Shadows of the Ruinous Powers – Session 71

Dyson's Dodecahedron

(Being a series of quick game notes trying to account for the events of many sessions of playing through The Enemy Within using the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1e rules.)

Session 71

Something Rotten in Kislev

  • Larry [Mercenary Captain] – I 68
  • Othmar [Assassin] – I 66
  • Nate [Templar] – I 64
  • Gottlieb [Templar] – I 63
  • Wilfried [Templar] – I 63
  • Scargetter [Assassin] – I 60

Sulring Durgul greets the group while the dragon (who seems to respond to Creetox) demands to be allowed to roast them to a crisp and/or eat them (in no particular order it seems).

Sitting down for tea, Sulring keeps her cool (and keeps the dragon from burning or eating anyone) while commenting on the damage to her office in a slightly chiding tone.

Together the Knights Panther and Sulring hash out their differences. Over the millennia, Sulring has played a hand in the decline…

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