Lessons learned #Blaugust2021


So Blaugust is over for another year. This year I got a ‘bronze’ award with twelve posts, surprising looking back that’s actually not bad, my entries for Blaugust 2020 and Blapril 2020 didn’t reach double digits, I’d have to go back to 2018’s event for more posts. My days of blogging daily even for a limited period of time are over it seems. I’ve enjoyed being a part of the event, and responding to the odd themed or community-inspired post nonetheless.

What I feel I’ve learned, or even enacted this last month, was to put time aside for gaming over blogging – to ensure that the “tail isn’t wagging the dog”. By that I mean playing games first and foremost for enjoyment, and not because they make good blog post fodder. Of course, it would have been nice to play lots of games AND have time to write about them…

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