So, Then I Just Backed it: A Series on My Kickstarter Adventures (Part I)

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It was shortly after attending E3 2016 that I started to dabble into the Kickstarter scene, and like any new and exciting thing that I have not tried before, I wanted to jump in and try it out. So, in August of that year, I backed a music group called Master Sword–a metal band that played songs based off my favorite game series, The Legend of Zelda. I backed the “Supporter Scribe” tier, which came with both a physical and digital copy of the album featuring ten songs, a digital video documentary, a Kickstarter patch, and a thank you message from the band. From the moment I received all the rewards in late 2017, I was hooked. This was the beginning of my Kickstarter adventures.

So, what exactly is Kickstarter and how does it work? Kickstarter and other platforms such as IndieGoGo are project funding platforms that allow someone…

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