Dragon’s Bend Sessions 1-4

Grumpy Wizard

I wasn’t going to do session reports for this campaign. Session reports don’t get many views. My players find them useful so I’ll start doing them again.

My post about the setting got some positive attention. Here are the highlights of our first four sessions.

We spent a lot of time in those first few sessions just talking and hanging out. All of us are busy. The game group is a major social activity for most of us. I think that we are finding our stride as group again and future games will be more focused.


  • We are playing Swords and Wizardry Complete.
  • 1 Silver Piece of treasure recovered and returned back to Dragon’s Bend = 1 Experience Point
  • Treasure awards will be 10 X less than the game RAW.
  • Starting Money is 3D6 x 10 Silver Pieces. Gear prices remain the same.

The outcome of that is…

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