D&D Diary – Waterdeep: Dragon Heist – Session 15

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Our heroes invade yet another sewer lair, almost die, pick up a new player, and fail to advance the plot. Again.

Dragon Heist cover fullWhen last we left our heroes, they had been diligently following the trail of breadcrumbs that will lead to the Stone of Golor, which will eventually lead them to a vast horde of gold, and somehow, maybe, an actual evil plot to thwart. Last session, they finally caught up with the “man” they’ve been hunting. They destroyed it; but of course, it had passed on the Stone leaving only a vague clue to the next location. They solved that too, only to find that the next man they need to hunt down has also gone missing with no way to find him.

Waterdeep SummaryLet me sum up. After accidentally rescuing this guy, they got a free tavern from this guy, which was almost blown up and they were…

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