Fly Free or Die #9: We’re No Cowboys

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In four (FOUR!) missing chapters of our story, the party was contacted by the underworld figure “Lord Sinjin” and tasked with stealing the experimental starship, the Oliphaunt, from EJ Corp. Sinjin’s agents betrayed the party at the dropoff point and so our heroes made off with the ship themselves. Now having severed all ties with EJ Corp and now piloting a stolen ship, they do odd jobs found for them by their old friend Tarika. After completing a delivery of blackhearts, they are now on Vesk-2 doing a local job. The party solarian, one of the literate members of the crew, continues their story. –GM

6th of Arodus, 321 AG (After Gap)

Karmelar Gravender

The party began on their ship now having a new member, Gouda the ysoki mechanic and his robot Skippy ,as well as Morbus the shirren doctor. They had just received a mission to help…

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