Tomb of Annihilation #52: The Ticking of the Clock

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In two missing chapters of our story, some party members turned into rodents and explored more of the third level, encountering a room with an insanity-inducing wind trap, a room with teleporting platforms leading to a chest and clay golem, and a strange door with a round mirror and ten indentations around it. Meanwhile they are finding crystal “eyes” in the dungeon. (-GM) 

10th of Flamerule (“Summertide”), 1493 DR (Dalereckoning)

Goblin the Boblin tries to cast fly to get over the chasm. His unpredictable magic sputters out for a second, and then Goblin disappears. Luckily, a few seconds later, I see him floating towards me as a ghost. He turns back into himself and we continue.

At the mirror, I try to put eyes into the niches along the outside. Each one makes my reflection look ~10 human years older, or about 15 years for me. My reflection also starts…

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