“Typical” Alignment


First glimpses of D&D’s Wild Beyond the Witchlight offer 5th Edition’s latest attempt to grapple with applying alignment to monsters–typical alignment:

Source images courtesy of @NewbieDM

5th Edition has gone through several different changes to alignment in monster stat blocks. In the core rules, alignment was included for every monster (some unaligned), with a broad disclaimer to ignore or modify as you see fit. When Candlekeep Mysteries was released, alignments were omitted from general monster stat blocks. This practice continued through Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft. Now, another change has arrived.

Stat block alignment has returned in modified form in Witchlight. Now, general monster stat blocks state that a creature is “typically [alignment].” Specific NPC stat blocks may still identify a character as a particular alignment. Other creatures may still be “unaligned” such as this adorable displacer beast kitten:

Image courtesy of @NewbieDM

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