Fly Free or Die #6: Honor Among Thieves

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In a missing chapter of our tale, the sponsor of their latest failed job, Lord Sinjin, gave them a new task: quit EJ Corp and get company shares to infiltrate a ship-construction facility and steal a secret experimental starship. They confronted a formidableset of guardians. The party’s vanguard, Iona Lonewhirl, continues their story. –GM

20th of Erastus, 321 AG (After Gap)

Iona Lonewhirl

We were in the middle of an incredibly deadly battle. Mere meters before the doorway to the Oliphaunt’s hangar bay, a group of three android guard robots, a cleaning droid with knives on it, and some sort of 6-legged camouflaging sword-footed monster barred our way. While the other three valiant warriors kept the chaff off me, I squared up against the Beast.

It swung two bladed arms down toward me, catching my side and slamming me to the ground. My armor took the brunt of…

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