Nephilim’s Hall

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Nephilim's Hall
Nephilim’s Hall (300 dpi promo)

Somewhere just off the routing between King Snurre’s domain and the caverns and warrens of the troglodytes is this set of overlapping caverns that are home to a small group of seemingly immortal giants. Not much taller than a hill giant, they somehow cloud the memories of those they meet and this hall is rarely marked on maps except sometimes with a marker to not descend into the lower areas.

Nephilim's Hall
Nephilim’s Hall (1200 dpi)

The residents have no absolute need for food or drink to live, as they only die to violence, but this does not reduce their occasional desires to enjoy the fruits of civilization or company. The few remaining giants here are quick to offer tales and memories of times of antiquity in exchange for luxury goods and are not above ambushing smaller groups to acquire their goods and treasure to trade to…

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