The Wacky World of Video Game Special Editions

Frostilyte Writes

Video game companies confuse me from their bizarre monetization schemes to their crunch complacent work culture. However, when it comes to collector’s editions of games it’s on a whole other level. So, let’s take a quick dive into some of the insanity that developers and their marketing teams think they can get away with. There are some doozies to talk about.

We’ll start things off with the Mass Effect Legendary Cache edition. It includes an assortment of wonderful items such as an N7 acceptance letter, an art print, a helmet replica that is wearable, and a metal game case. But what it doesn’t have is…

The game.

Oh…well I hope people read that before pre-ordering.

Now while I think it is silly that a collector’s edition does not include the bloody game, there is actually a place for this. Say you purchased the game because you didn’t know whether you’d…

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