Swordtember Blade #17 – “The Soldier” or “The Smouldering Blade of Khtæn”

Dyson's Dodecahedron

This month is Swordtember. I’m going to try to draw a sword every day for the month. If I manage to keep this going for the whole month, I’ll release all 30 sword images (minus the frame and Swordtember logo I drew) as an incidental stock art pack.

Simply named “the Soldier” but generally referred to as the Smouldering Blade of Khtæn this Yán Koryáni sword trails steam-like white wisps behind it wherever it goes. It is a sword +2, +4 vs creatures that regenerate (and prevents regeneration by any creature that cannot regenerate wounds caused by fire or acid).

(The design of this blade is based on a drawing by David Sutherland of Yán Koryáni troops from the 1977 “Legions of the Petal Throne”.)

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