Rise of the Runelords #57: Shocking Revelation

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

The party’s lotus monk, Chtanmuch, continues the story of the party’s effort to retake Fort Rannick from the ogres. -GM

10th of Kuthona, 4707 AR

ShockerLizard Shocker Lizard

While exploring underground, the party discovered several occupied nests belonging to deadly shocker lizards, none of which were happy to see their home be intruded on. The party promptly engaged in close-quarters combat with the lizards, performing tactical flanking to catch them off-guard. The lizards retaliated by displaying the dangerous electric abilities for which they are named.

The fight was long, but in the end the party emerged victorious, using a combination of basic strategy and  superior offensive prowess. The lizard’s lair contained no treasure of note, assuming you don’t count a couple shocker lizard eggs as “treasure.”

(They found a magical snake-lady who spoke to one of the Black Arrow rangers with the party as if he’d been HELPING her! The party…

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