D&D Diary – Waterdeep: Dragon Heist – Session 16

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Our heroes meet a new shady contact, plan a reverse prison break, and worse, it’s all roleplay. Eww.

Waterdeep Dragon Heist cover titleWhen last we left our heroes, they had nearly perished in a foul sewer dungeon, where one player was determined to get his hands on the Stone of Golorr or die trying, and he dragged the rest of the team down with him. Incredibly, they survived and finally took possession of this stupid Stone which they have been chasing for months now. Or did they?

Back at the Trollskull Tavern, the Saviors of Phandalin spent a few days (i.e. 5 minutes in game) doing some mundane things. The thief, Eragon, spent his time healing and leveling up. The party’s new cleric, Geraldine, celebrated his freedom by getting blackout drunk and waking up at the top of Mount Waterdeep. The wizard, Riandon, delegated the task of fixing the broken metallic beholder thing…

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