So, Then I Just Backed it: A Series on My Kickstarter Adventures (Part 4)

In this portion of my Kickstarter series, I just wanted to chat about some of the games that I have backed, played, and currently am backing. Maybe this will interest some of you, while I’m sure others will take a quick glance at some facts or details I provided about them. So, let’s have a look, shall we?

I have backed around 40 projects over the span of almost six years now on this platform, and out of these 40, 28 of them are, or were, games. Out of those 28 projects, I had only one fail–Kumo: A Boy in the Clouds (Read Part 2). Out of the remaining 27, only four games have released, two of which I have played through, and two I have not. It’s a very small amount of games to have crossed the finish line, but game development can take years.


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