Fists of the Ruby Phoenix #9: Outmatched

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In a missing chapter of our tale, the party won a challenge from some tournament enforcers, rested, and started Day Two fighting dozens of fighters in “Hana’s Hundreds” and defeating a strange lake-sucking monstrosity. They explore the northeast of Danger Island. –GM

10th of Erastus, 4721 AR

The “Nightmares”

After their harrowing encounter with semi-submerged giant, our heroes tracked down their next quarry, a team of equestrian players who somehow thought of themselves as warriors.

This fight was one of the easiest so far as they almost immediately fell to Charles E. Cheese’s masterful snares. Charging in headfirst, 2 of the 3 horses were instantly transformed into a fine red mist, and the third was about to make a visit to the glue factory. Realizing they were clearly outmatched, they gathered their remaining strength and decided to all rush Pegleg Pete. Njezet decided that instead of assisting his teammate…

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