Theory Crafting: The Barbarian Rogue: The Ghost Guild

Real Women of Gaming

(Art by Jason Engle)

Lords, ladies, lads, and lasses, I am Vinni the Troll and welcome back to my lair. With Halloween fast approaching and my unfortunate altitis affliction I bring you this concept piece D&D build.

This poor soul is the lone survivor of his thieves’ guild. The trauma he saw and the friends he lost has left scars upon him both physical and mental, so we begin as a Barbarian with a criminal background. He was an enforcer, a leg breaker, and obviously a survivor, so we start with a focus on Strength, Charisma, and Constitution. Barbarian rage requires STR attacks to get the rage damage, and this is how he expresses his issues. CHA is here for his use of Intimidation to coerce people to pay the “tax,” or stop skimming off the top, or even to interrogate people with valuable information.

Then we dip into…

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