Rise of the Runelords #58: The End of Happier Days

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

The party defeated Lucrecia, who had placed the Sihedron tattoo on dozens of residents of Turtleback Ferry. They then settled accounts with the traitor among their midst: Kaven Windstrike. The mild-mannered 美しい巫女 U / Utsukushī Miko describes what happened next. -GM

10th of Kuthona, 4707 AR

美しい巫女 U / Utsukushī Miko

We defeated the lamias then tied Kaven Windstrike. While he was unconscious we tied him down in a chair and then bound his hands to a table, palms down and hands open.

When he woke, I told him, “You are pathetic. You have cowered and done nothing yet expect to reap the benefits of a fight you presumably set up.” He then admitted to being a patron of the sunken Paradise and selling out the Black Arrows.

I then replied, “Your sinful hands have cost many innocent lives. You do not deserve this hand.“ With that, I slammed a…

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