What are Hit Points?

Grumpy Wizard

I enjoy tinkering with games. I like borrowing and ideas from other referees to modify and insert into my games. For me, modding games is at least as much of the hobby as playing.

Hit points, damage and healing is one of those areas where I have borrowed from other bloggers and modified the rules.

About 10 years ago, OSR bloggers were posting their own variations of “Death and Dismemberment” tables. I recommend checking out this linked post if you are not familiar with the concept. There were a number of variations on the concept. I experienced these tables both as a player and referee. The way it changes game play is substantial. It is certainly being felt in my Dragon’s Bend game.

A Change With Major Implications

Game masters frequently narrate “hits” as an axe to the chest or an arrow stuck in an arm. I’ve always found that…

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