Age of Ashes #76: Once Again, the Scarlet Triad

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

The party ventures down the tunnel leading to the Scarlet Triad outside of the dwarven city of Kovlar. (-GM)

7th of Desnus, 4720 AR

The alchemist Zuferian

As we check back in on our intrepid adventurers, they venture down the tunnel under the neighboring undead city of Saggorak, leading out of the forge they fought so hard to capture. Normal Person is the one to lead the party down a hall to a chamber, where there were guards that immediately attacked us. The guards were clearly Scarlet Triad and were dispatched with ease before the final one fled up a staircase off to one side.

We quickly tracked him down and, as it turned out, he had led us right to the rest of the lair. There was a door, and as soon as we got near someone asked, “Who is it?”

We busted the door down and advanced into…

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