Is D&D Really Shadowbanning Counterspell?


No. Well, not really.

What is going on?

During the D&D Celebration 2021’s “Ask the Sage Live” and “Future of D&D” panels, D&D Principal Rules Designer Jeremy Crawford announced that there are changes to monster stat blocks coming in future releases–including the new Monsters of the Multiverse book, which contains 250+ monster stat blocks (many aggregated and reimagined from other hardcovers).

We can already see some of these changes in The Wild Beyond the Witchlight (WBW). D&DBeyond subscribers are experiencing changes as updates to older content reprinted in WBW, even if they didn’t buy the new feywild adventure.

So, what’s happening?

“We have made a number of changes, not only in the The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, but in a number of upcoming books in how spellcasting appears in most monsters. Really with an eye towards improving the DM’s play experience…

“Many of our spellcasting monsters are simply…

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