The Rumbledown Ruins

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Rumbledown Ruins
The Rumbledown Ruins (300 dpi promotional)

In the liminal area between the Ghost Dunes and the Ruint Rabble are a number of ruins half-covered by the dunes, distant enough that they don’t become the mass of damaged and crushed towers and structures that make up the rabble. The Rumbledown Ruins are a pair of damaged towers that are used by those setting forth to explore both the Rabble and the Dunes. From these towers one can watch for trouble coming from either direction and make a decently comfortable camp.

The Rumbledown Ruins
The Rumbledown Ruins (1200 dpi)

Of course, that kind of comfortable base of operations appeals to other groups too. Currently a cult of the Disciples of Ten are based in the two towers with ten members in each tower – and a pair of supplicants living in the ruins south of the round tower (they are not allowed into the towers…

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