Syp’s gaming goals for October 2021

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September 2021 in review

  • This may well be one of the craziest, most shifting gaming months for me in recent history. So what happened is that I ended up burning out on both FFXIV and LOTRO at separate points, and since I was still in a holding pattern for New World, I spend an awful lot of the month bouncing around to different games. So let’s run down it all!
  • In FFXIV, I got through most all of Stormblood’s patch content, bringing me right to the cusp of Shadowbringers before I unsubscribed. I tried, I really did try, to stick with it, but I was not feeling the fun at all here.
  • And in Lord of the Rings Online, I brought my Captain up into Minas Morgul but felt like I was slogging through stuff I didn’t really feel like playing at the moment. Needed a break from…

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