Death And Dismemberment Table

Grumpy Wizard

Last week, I posted a long essay about hit points, what they represent in my campaigns and the rules I use for recovery and healing. A lot of that hinges around my use of the Death and Dismemberment (DaDT) table.

I’ve used the ACKS table but found it too fiddly. I also don’t like the “roll the body” procedure. It is a little too Schrodinger’s Cat for my taste.

I tried THIS ONE from Gobin Punch. Honestly it was so long ago that I don’t remember why I didn’t stick with it. I do use some of the concepts from it. It must have stuck with me. Monsters and minor NPCs die at 0, major NPCs roll on the DaDT. There are many others and you can find them at the bottom of THIS POST.

My table is the result of playing using the table for a while, invaluable…

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