Rise of the Runelords #59: Storming the Gates!

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

When we last left our heroes, they had just run into their first ogres in retaking the fallen Fort Rannick. The group’s inventor, Jail,tells their story. -GM

11th of Kuthona, 4707 AR

We quickly finish the fight with the ogre and find another being brave. We walk to it and begin to attack. As we do, it calls out for its friends. Three more show up, and Aranea casts megavolt, killing 1 and hurting the others. It is not a slow fight, we finished them but when we get back to the leader he calls out for more.

ANOTHER 3 SHOW UP. This fight is uneventful. We fight until we then hear another bigger one! We, having low health, run out into the cave system and out of the area of the fort. We then heal and sleep.


We then run back towards the fort. we see…

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