Age of Ashes #77: Racing to Base Place

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

On their quest to stop the Scarlet Triad’s latest scheme, the party breaks through the Scarlet Triad’s outpost and emerges into the undead-infested former dwarven city of Saggorak. (-GM)

7th of Desnus, 4720 AR

The alchemist Zuferian

We continue our fight. We are all barely still conscious, and I am bleeding, on fire, and covered in acid, but I get some lucky hits on our enemies, delaying them enough to allow us to stay in the fight. Pretty quickly, we have dealt with all of the Scarlet Triad agents, leaving only Zuferian. We charge and surround her, but she steps away. I run up to her and attack, knocking her off her feet, and the fight is soon over.

We rest, recovering from the fight. I patch our wounds while Deku repairs my armor. We search the hideout for magic items, finding magic leather armor, a magical mace, new alchemist’s…

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