Is the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Worth the Price Increase?

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Nintendo recently announced their pricing details for the Expansion to Nintendo Switch Online. Speculations have been made since the September 2021 Nintendo Direct first announced the planned program, and with the pricing details revealed those speculations have changed to debate. We (Edward Varnell and Jack Brough) would like to discuss the value of the Expansion Pack to help you evaluate the value of the program.

(Editor’s note: all prices discussed are in USD.)

Pricing Details for NSO+EP, Sony PS+, and XBOX LiveGold

  • Nintendo Switch Online ($19.99/year for solo and $34.99/year for a family plan of up to eight people)
    • Online Play
    • NES and SNES games
    • Cloud save data
    • Smartphone App
    • Special Offers (Tetris 99 for example)
    • + Expansion Pack ($49.99/year for solo and $79.99/year for a family plan of up to eight people)
      • Nintendo 64 games
      • Sega Genesis games
      • Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise (can also be purchased for…

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