Boss Rush Banter: Does Indie Mean Anything Anymore?

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Gamers and journalists seem to have split mainstream console and PC gaming into two spheres: AAA and indie. While these terms, and this dichotomy, can be helpful, the label of indie for video games encompasses such a wide range of games and developers, rendering it almost useless. People have begun to discuss and challenge this bifurcation between AAA and indie, pointing out the gray areas and complexities. Is it time to throw away the term indie, and work toward more, better descriptors?

In a piece on the history of indie games, Tabitha Baker stated that “[i]ndie games are largely defined through what they aren’t…” making “…their general definition exceedingly difficult.” If you aren’t familiar with the terms, it’s useful for us to do our best to understand the standard definitions, as murky as they are. According to Wikipedia, AAA “…is an informal classification used to categorize games produced and…

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