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Yesterday, I discussed the unoriginal notion of monstrous PCs. I removed a brief mention of a topic that could be its own post, so now it is. (Yeah, yeah. I’m obsessed with this topic.) While I don’t know how to handle low level aquatic adventures involving landlubber PCs, I could easily handle an adventure that’s entirely underwater, and such and adventure is compelling.

Though it won’t necessarily be pretty.

Working under the assumption that I may need to convert at least some monsters for play as PC races, which I expect to be rather easy, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to convert all the aquatics with more extensive writeups. Here’s a list:

  • Aquatic Elves
  • Ixitxachitls
  • Locathah
  • Mermen
  • Nixies
  • Sahuagins
  • Tritons

The list above gives us six reasonable candidates for aquatic PC races (Ixitxachitl don’t work). Keep in mind…

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