[Adventure] The Molds & Slimes of Vilnid

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Molds & Slimes of Vilnid

I love a great creative challenge. 

You might hear me complain about the whole “Blog Challenge” phenomenon where all kinds of otherwise awesomely cool gaming blogs all start putting out the same general content and it drives me nuts, because more often than not it isn’t actually INTERESTING content. It’s not creative stuff, it’s just anecdotes of personal RPG history.

Last week Rafael Chandler launched an awesome counter-strike to the current RPG-a-Day thing. It’s called #Narcosa. It’s an explosion of drug-based creativity for old school fantasy.

Here’s his pitch:

“Because I like doing fun happy things, and because I won’t be at GenCon, I’ll spend the week exploring the drug-addled kingdom of Narcosa by writing brief (or sometimes lengthy) descriptions of weapons, spells, items, bazaars, NPCs, monsters, alternate realities, and general weirdness. Weeds, mushrooms, spores, powders, liquid refreshments; you name it, you can find it in Narcosa.

If you want to join me…

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