Fly Free or Die #12: New Friends, New Enemies

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In two missing chapters of our story, the party brought the defrexes onboard but had a bout of exploding cocaine-addled space cows who apparently were implanted with the virus by EJ Corp. Our heroes finished the job and upgraded their ship. They were hired by a vesk military official to find a fugitive suspected of making a super bioweapon. The party biohacker, Morbus, tells their story. –GM

25th of Rova, 321 AG (After Gap)

Niva Rovo

After finishing the battle with the clam thing we cross the broken bridge and walk into a torn-down area with a suspicious-looking group of boulders. We push them aside and descend a staircase below it. We walk through a door at the bottom and find the girl we have been looking for.

Her name turns out to be Agavana Stoneblood, She is a really nice person. We help her escape because that can’t…

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